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If you're reading this, chances are we have something in common. We love the outdoors. Wild rivers, remote mountain peaks, serpentine desert canyons - all pull on us like gravity. Running rivers, unlocking a climbing sequence on a smooth rock face, and the final push to the summit are all opportunities to encounter nature on its terms. Sometimes we have specific objectives in mind, like climbing a particular difficult route that we've eyed for months or even years. But usually, we just want to be out, active, or perhaps just listening and observing.  Alone or with close friends and family, nature is the place where we feel most alive. If we think about it, much of our identity is deeply connected to our relationship with the land, the activities we enjoy,  and the people with whom we spend time. 


The Prow of Kit Carson, photo by Ryan Watters

Narrow Ridge, LLC is an adventure recreation guide service located in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. Narrow Ridge is owned and managed by Curt Howell, a professional outdoor educator and guide with twenty years of experience in outdoor recreation. Narrow Ridge was established in 2021 as the first locally owned professional climbing guide service in the region. In April 2022, Narrow Ridge purchased Mountain Man Rafting which has been running rafting trips on the Upper Rio Grande since 1985. Together, we are the premier source for outdoor adventure experiences and instruction in the San Luis Valley. 


Remarkable adventure experiences and instruction to enrich lives and encourage stewardship of the natural environment.


Stewardship - Narrow Ridge is a responsible user of public lands. We actively engage in stewardship efforts across the SLV. Reducing our impacts is an important part of encouraging our guests to join us in supporting sustainable recreation.


Fun - Narrow Ridge facilitates experiences that aim to maximize the enjoyment of our guests. We believe that having fun outdoors enriches people’s lives. 

Excellence - Narrow Ridge is dedicated to excellence in all aspects of its business. We  set high standards for ourselves, continually learn and improve our skills, and aim to deliver exceptional guided adventures and instruction.

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Narrow Ridge, LLC is an equal opportunity service provider. Narrow Ridge, LLC operates under special use permits with the Rio Grande National Forest. All or part of this operation is conducted on public lands under special permit from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, San Luis Valley Field Office.  Narrow Ridge, LLC is a Licensed Colorado River Outfitter.