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Stand Up Paddleboard

Learn to river paddleboard! Paddleboarding on rivers is gaining a lot of attraction. It is an exciting and challenging sport and the Rio Grande is a perfect river for it! Our guides focus on teaching fundamental paddleboarding skills, and river running techniques, and river safety, and self rescue to increase your skills and confidence.  Learning with our professional guides will increase your safety and fun on the river! 

Guided River SUP Trips

Half Day River SUP

Location - Our guided river SUP trips are perfect for learning the fundamentals and having fun in Class I-II+ whitewater. We use a couple different stretches of the Rio that offer calmer sections to learn and practice your skills. Each stretch then includes riffles, mild rapids, eddies, and a few small drops to test your skills and balance. Paddlers must be in good shape, ready for a challenge, and comfortable swimming in cold whitewater. 

Duration - 3 to 4 hours 

Cost - From $100 per person. Includes wetsuit and/or splash gear and all necessary kayaking equipment. Private rates may apply for groups less that 3.

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